aina sayang mama abah

feel free here darls!


this photo makes me look slim :)


Sunday, November 22, 2009


A very good morning to everyone's a long long time i've never post something here..actually i would like to tell you that i'm in my hometown, kemaman now :) feels so glad to be back here again..i'll have a month holiday starting from 19th nov until end of dec..i'm thinking of what to do during this holiday as now the east coast of malaysia is facing's raining here everyday until i don't have any idea on what to do to solve my problem ( boringness ) hehehe..can you all give me some ideas? please..really need your helps as i'm out of idea now..
to be frank, i'd love to go shopping act..but then the weather's condition makes me feel very lazy to go out from my house..please3 give me some ideas my dear friends..really hope all of you can help me..till then, waiting for your comments with brilliant ideas ya! see ya next time..bye!

P/S : To all mY friEndS : hAvE a gReAt hoLidAy yaAaa...!! :))

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Financial Planning :)

 kak rus, this is my financial budget :

Financial Planning in UUM

Income :
Scholarship from JPA RM 4545

Expenses :
Fees RM 1200
New equipment 600
Miscellaneous expense 400
- ( RM 8 per day ) x 150 days 1200
Shopping - rarely - 500

Total expenses RM 3900

Savings to Bank Rakyat RM 645

This is all about my expenses.. Hope kak rus can accept this kind of financial planning.. :)

That's all for today..tQ n see ya soon.. byE.. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009



First of all, i would like to say sorry to all coz long time i've not updating my blog..i'm too busy lately..busy wif asgments, n hari raya is da besh time for me to relax2 at home..hehe..really enjoy my raya day b'coz can have lots of rest at home..act diz hari raya is not too happening for me anymore as i din receive lots of angpau..hahaha..only my aunts gave me, then i use 75% of it to fill the car's fuel.. :) then it;s finished alrdy..haha but then happy coz my dad also r back home during diz raya.. so far our raya days r really enjoyable! p/s : except for angpau.. hehehe..

To evry1, juz wanna wish all of u :

.....................................Happy Hari Raya.........................................

.....................................Maaf Zahir & Batin......................................

That's all for today.. have to rush to class.. till then, daaaaa :))
p/s : that pic is on our first day of raya.. wif my lovely child :) hahaha..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.B.t...

Hye evry1..!!

How r u today?? i'm so3 fine n glad to build a blog for myself..act b4 diz also i'm used to hear here n there people's talking about blogs n so on..n now, my SDG lec's ask us to build this blog n b'coz of her, i'm now here..thanks to kak rus! hehe :)

hope all of u visit my blog n any1 here can leave a post for me..i dun mind at all..any1, anytime, if i'm free, i'll reply all yr posts..till now, dat's all..can't talk too much! have to study coz i'm having two exams diz friday - financial management 2 n also financial accounting and reporting 2..so3 hard, so have to study more! :-(

daT's all from me now..c ya later..daAaAa..buhbyE..!!