aina sayang mama abah

feel free here darls!


this photo makes me look slim :)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.B.t...

Hye evry1..!!

How r u today?? i'm so3 fine n glad to build a blog for myself..act b4 diz also i'm used to hear here n there people's talking about blogs n so on..n now, my SDG lec's ask us to build this blog n b'coz of her, i'm now here..thanks to kak rus! hehe :)

hope all of u visit my blog n any1 here can leave a post for me..i dun mind at all..any1, anytime, if i'm free, i'll reply all yr posts..till now, dat's all..can't talk too much! have to study coz i'm having two exams diz friday - financial management 2 n also financial accounting and reporting 2..so3 hard, so have to study more! :-(

daT's all from me now..c ya later..daAaAa..buhbyE..!!