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this photo makes me look slim :)


Monday, May 17, 2010

masjid kristal, here i come....

assalamualaikum everyone... these are some pictures during our visit to masjid kristal in k.terengganu..
hope all of you enjoy beautiful, masyaAllah :)

so beautiful, masyaAllah........ :)

 this is women's praying area.......

just for the men........ :))

again and again.. very3 beautiful :))

this is the middle door..door seems like the big and beautiful babes! cousin and me......

......women's attire to be used during our prayers...... not ever sleep in the mosque if you do nothing here......

very beautiful scenery babes! alhamdulillah :))

that's all from me...hope you all enjoy watching those pic's..muaaaaahhhhxxx.....wishing to come here again :)

sDg kaYaking!!

Assalamualaikum everyone...How are you today???

Sorry for not posting here for such a long time. It is actually because after having final exam, i'm rushing back to my hometown because of some problems. Now everything have been settled down. So i'm eager to story about our kayaking ;)

Here are some photos related to us on that day :-

we are so happy and glad to play kayak! let's go babies!! ;)

secOnd sNap :

chaiyok2 everyone!! yeehaaaaa :)) ~mood : very eager!~

ThirD sNap :-

syiDa and mE are in the canoE now! coMe and joiN us kak rus!!

fOurtH sNap :- sweet we are..hahaha :) where's kak rus? looks like we all are same age :P

fiFth sNap :-

this is us....although not full came that day, we enjoy ourselves so much!

SiXth sNap :-

oppss! candid camera is here babes! watch oUt...!

That's all photos that we have. Hope we can meet again next semester with more agendas coming on. Thank You :))

Happy holiday everyone.....! have fun ya! muuaaaxXxx.....