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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First SDG for A New Semester ( SEM2 09/10 )

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening..

First of all, I would like to invite everyone to be my followers. Hope all of you enjoy reading n viewing my blog ya. Actually I wanna talk on our first SDG meeting for this week. Today at 5.00 pm situated in FPK 410, we had a meeting for about half an hour. We,ve discussed about some activities that we'll enjoy together during this semester. On 24th February, we'll play go-kart at our go-kart centre UUM. Whereas on 10th march, we'll have kayaking. For that, i hope that all of our members will attend this two meetings.

As we had entered a new semester, i would really like to comment about our bus service in UUM. I heard many complaints from my friends about it. It really irritates me, as we have to fight to have a seat in the bus just to get to class. The problem will be very serious in the morning session. Plenty bus, but hundreds of students waiting. Really irritating when the bus didn't stop in front of us while we can see the bus is empty actually. I really hope UUM and UNIC will solve this problem A.S.A.P.

Other than that, I really don't like the new tender of my cafe. The price is expensive, the meal is not too well cooked, and I even face the problem ( my kueyteow was smelly ) and my friends also having problems like me. everyday I'll be thinking where to eat, and hoping that my meal will be delicious and cheap. I don't really know what is actually the cafe's problem, but seriously if it wants us to continue eating there, please behave better ~ serve healthy and cheap food for us ~ as government has given subsidies to them. Help students as they help their own child. Hope this matter will be solved when we get back from mid-semester break.

That's all for today. If I'm not busy, I'll write later. Till then, Bye2.....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

riang ria 1st week di uum 4th sem..

salam..apa kahabr sahabat2ku??huhuhu..

i'm so glad to be in uum now..sebabnye semalam kami jenjalan puas2 round jitra..hehe paling besh makan pizza n maen bowling la..alangkah besh kalau everyday pun mcm nie..hehehe..

1- kami memulakan hari dgn makan di pizza hut..very da besh laa..

2- then pegy maen bowling pulak..tersangatlah happynye..huhuhu..even x dapat strike pon, tapi hampir2 strike da kira okay what..hahaha

3- shopping2 pulak dalam jitra mall tue..macam2 yg dilihat, n macam2 laa yg nak dibeli..keadaan kewangan yg terbatas memaksaku untuk lebih sabar n berhati2 dlm berbelanja ~ al maklum JPA x masuk lagi.. ~

4- menunggu member yang x sudah2 membeli, kami amek gambar lagi..actually kami nie mmg gila gambar..hahaha

kesudahannya, kami sgt3 happy n seronok laa semalam..hopefully lenkali dapat enjoy ourselves mcm nie lagi..huhuhu...

assalamualaikum :))