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Sunday, November 22, 2009


A very good morning to everyone's a long long time i've never post something here..actually i would like to tell you that i'm in my hometown, kemaman now :) feels so glad to be back here again..i'll have a month holiday starting from 19th nov until end of dec..i'm thinking of what to do during this holiday as now the east coast of malaysia is facing's raining here everyday until i don't have any idea on what to do to solve my problem ( boringness ) hehehe..can you all give me some ideas? please..really need your helps as i'm out of idea now..
to be frank, i'd love to go shopping act..but then the weather's condition makes me feel very lazy to go out from my house..please3 give me some ideas my dear friends..really hope all of you can help me..till then, waiting for your comments with brilliant ideas ya! see ya next time..bye!

P/S : To all mY friEndS : hAvE a gReAt hoLidAy yaAaa...!! :))

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  1. ai2...stuck at home...doing NOTHING is a definite BOREDOM. since the weather is not good, hm...there is nothing i could suggest. why dont you watch your movie collection? ;) i'm pretty sure you have a number of movies. kan? or...try to khatam a novel again, maybe? hehe. aina, home is a place where we always want to be for a holiday. therefore...there shouldnt be any boredom. at least...not before the result is out. ;) so, good luck my friend. hehehe. selamat mencari perkara untuk dibuat!

    ps: could always learn how to make a new dish from your mom. ^___^